Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fiddle dee Fiddle dee Fiddleheads!

Yeay! I finally got my hands on some Fiddleheads, thanks to the fiddletastic Sacha Jones, my dear friend. She heard the cries of my heart and answered, so as this incredibly short season winds down to a close, I joined in the swan song-- with butter and garlic. A hello and probably goodbye at the same time.

When Barack Obama talks about the "fierce urgency of now", he may as well be talking about these unfurled fronds. About two weeks or so to get your hands on some, and if you don't get to the market on time, they are all gone. And there just may be a young man there twirling the last one between his fingers and teasing you for your tardiness as your heart weeps.

There is something both very familiar and altogether new about these things. So now you are forewarned, for next May. They were delicious. Thank you, Sacha Jones.

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